These are the four projects I have going at the moment.  I take breaks and do smaller, two or three day projects when my eyes get tired of looking at the color schemes.  The Lions one is what I’m currently working on.  Should be done in a few days, depending on my drive.  The Buddha is for a friend…was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but hey, everyone can’t meet five or six deadlines for the same day with massive projects like that one.  The Santa one…well…I pick it up every now and again and do a little bit.  The Wolves is for my Father.  Gonna alter the pattern a little to add something special to it.

All-in-All…these aren’t that bad.  No real issues with any of them yet.  Not until I get to the couching with gold metallic for the Santa or the damn french knots in the Wolves one.  You’ll hear me complain plenty about that.

So, toodles!